Guide: 10 Tips for Phone Organization & Efficiency - the minimal way

Read on to make your phone serve you and your life the best way it can.

In the digital age, the one device we can't do without is the phone. We depend on our phone for so much - our entire world can fit in the palm of our hands. We talk to our loved ones, book transportation, order dinner, watch movies, check emails, send messages, video-chat with colleagues overseas and so much more with our phones! For a few of us, if our phone were lost, we'd be lost too.

Since phones have become such an integral part of our lives, how do we ensure the device serves us and not the other way around?

There are apps that can help track how often you unlock your phone (Checky) or track usage of individual apps (Moment, Toggl) but I don't use either. I prefer knowing which apps I can't live without and just delete the rest. Anyway, the options exist for those of you who want to do the research before deleting apps.

  • Delete duplicates of everything - images, audio, video etc. The Easy Duplicate Finder app can help you if you have too much data to sort through.

  • Delete all media that you don't like or don't use - music you don't listen to, photographs you don't like. I want to get a digital photo-frame to display my nice travel pictures, pictures with family etc. Seems like lately I never see my pictures unless I'm decluttering.

  • Back up your phone contacts and whatever is left of your media to cloud storage. This will make your phone lighter.

  • Delete all your phone contacts you no longer need.This is a very time-consuming process especially if you have synced your contacts in Google (to ensure you don't lose access when you switch phones). It might take a few days but it is time well-spent. While you're at it, delete any unwanted emails & unsubscribe from any emailers that only tempt you to spend mindlessly.

  • Change the password for every account - email, social media, payment systems, anything you access from your phone. You can save these passwords in a virtual vault like LastPass.

  • Set up a password for lockscreen if you haven't already.

  • Look into your bookmarks -organize them if they aren't and delete the unnecessary ones.

  • Compress your phone storage.

  • Clicking the Super Saver setting on your phone will automatically switch off all apps and data. You will still have access to clock, contacts, phone and messages. That way, people can reach you through phone calls or messages only.

  • Alternatively, you can change your phone notification settings. I've changed mine so that nothing gets through except a phone call unless I actively go to the app and check the status. I've also set up lock times for specific times during the day so that I can focus on work or other activities instead of app notifications and other phone-related distractions.

  • Turn keyboard sounds to silent, the constant beeps can get annoying. Change brightness & text size so you don't strain your eyes.

I do not use any productivity softwares or apps but know of quite a few. I just silence my phone and turn it face-down and voila- my productivity improves like magic!

Here are some apps that I have tried in the past for specific work - related projects or coordinate side-hustles. Boomerang helps followup on tasks, Evernote for note-taking, OneTab collapses several tabs into one tab, ToDoIst is a virtual to-do list, FullContactCardReader adds business cards to your phone contact, Trello is a project management app. Asana coordinates tasks & schedules with a group right from the app.

Whether you choose to use productivity apps or not, it helps to have a phone with apps and features that best serve you and your needs.

At the end of this process, you will be left with a phone that is designed to help navigate your life, make your daily routine simpler and reduce distraction through social media and messaging.

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