13 Reasons Why – You should live in a Minimal Home!

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Here’s 13 Reasons Why You should Live in a Minimal Home & How it will Benefit You.

Minimal homes are smaller

1. Minimal homes are affordable. Smaller homes are less expensive to build, buy & even rent compared to larger homes in the same neighborhood.

2. Minimal homes sell quicker. Because minimal homes tend to be smaller & cheaper, they have a wider market to sell. Also, the market is primed for tiny living with social media sprawling with influencers embracing tiny living and the van life. The economy is also pushing people into downsizing their large homes into smaller homes which increases the market size for these homes.

3. Minimal homes are cheaper to maintain. Minimal homes require less energy to heat, cool & waterproof. They are also cheaper to insure and lighter on taxes in comparison to larger homes.

4. Minimal homes don’t have enough room for you to accumulate stuff. Minimalists only keep or buy stuff that is essential or improves life. This prevents you from wasting money by mindlessly consuming stuff just because it is on sale or trendy.

5. Minimal homes won’t put you in debt. You will be living in a home that you can afford & therefore won’t eat up your income or put you under. Minimalists tend not to keep up with their neighbours and peers so they will most likely not upgrade their living situation just because they got a promotion or got a bump up in their salary. This will free up money for other things they deem more important.

6. Minimal homes encourage family bonding. A smaller home with more shared spaces leads to increased interactions among family members. Sharing spaces & things as kids (& as adults) makes us more accommodating & cognizant of our family’s needs.

7. Minimal homes have a smaller environmental impact. Smaller homes require less resources to build & maintain and hence leave a smaller footprint.

Minimal homes have fewer possessions

8. Minimal homes highlight your valued possessions in a way that requires you to buy less. Having your stuff right in front of you will prevent you from buying duplicates or buying because you forgot or lost it.

9. Minimal homes will reduce anxiety. Clutter is one of the many causes of anxiety. Having space free of clutter can free mental space & energy.

10. Minimal homes are easier to clean & organize. Have less possessions means you spend less money & time to maintain & clean. Having fewer décor items will make cleaning your home a breeze. Having less possessions also means there are fewer items to organize. I firmly believe that organized clutter is still clutter. Sometimes I go through phases where I tend to accumulate…stuff. This stuff usually tends to be something innocuous & innocent looking like a stack of week-old newspapers, odd socks (my washer tends to eat one in every wash), little receipts in my junk drawer etc…..My instinct is to hide everything out of sight & calling it organizing. I’ve had to teach myself to #livewithless and that #lessismore. The road was rough but I’m happy to see things leave my life instead of hide in the junk drawer. …Do you also hide stuff in your junk drawer?

11. Minimal homes free up more time. Many of the benefits above (less cleaning, less maintaining, mental freedom) result in the freeing up of our schedule to pursue the things in life that really matter – whatever you want that to be.

12. Minimal homes compel you to assess the value of your existing belongings. Living in a smaller, more minimal home makes you question the value of everything you own and remove whatever is weighing you down, paring it down to the essentials.

13. Minimal homes are less fussy. With fewer possession and a smaller square footage, going simpler is easier and easier on the eyes. Most minimal homes tend to keep a cohesive color scheme and pare down their decorations to significant or sentimental items.

Bonus: Having fewer possessions will jumpstart your journey inward instead of distracting your attention outward. Also van life & tiny living are all the rage. Spend a weekend in a done-up van or in a tiny home & see if it is for you…you might get some interesting pictures out of it.

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