5 Décor Rules to follow for an Elegant & Minimal home!

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1. Don’t buy anything new! Remember ‘’hungry hippo’, a game we used to play as kids? We’ve become something like it lately. The moment we see something in front of use, anything, we get it . we just want to consume. We don’t stop and think if it is something we might need or even like. Put a stop to this mindless consumption. Reuse what you own until it breaks and is unmendable.

  • Slap a coat of paint on old diya’s or use the broken ones at the bottom of your potted plants or in your kitchen compost after washing with soap & water.

  • Add fairy lights to an old glass jar for a DIY lamp or use it as a diya holder or even a flower vase. (my pic)

  • Make colourful lampshades and torans (bunting) from old clothes. (insta link)

If you make up your mind, its’ easy to find ways to reuse what you already have. The possibilities are endless, don’t throw away what you own before finding a way to reuse it and don’t buy anything new! Find a way around your monkey brain’s insatiable apettite to buy, buy, buy. LOL!

2. 1Don’t let wants distract you from what you have. It’s easy to lose sight of what’s important when it’s a moving target. We wanted the brightest toy until we upgraded to the coolest kicks. We wanted to be part of the hippest crowd and later wanted the highest salaries. Our wants have changed so often we can’t keep track. Our wants are the moving target that change based on our whims, influenced by the opinions of those around us. Is it any surprise then that we are still unsatisfied?

Relentless ‘wanting’ reminds me of the Chinese curse – ‘May you get what you wish for’. This sounds like a blessing but wrap your head around it and you find that we don’t always know what to wish for, moreover getting everything you wish for creates a sense of purposelessness, a void that cannot be filled by buying more things.

Create an inventory of the décor you and the ones use….majority of us have different This will give you a sense of what you own and what can be repurposed for décor. I tend not to change things up too much. I reuse the mitti ka diyas from the previous year after washing in soapy water and soaking in water for a day before use. Soaking them in water ensures they stay fresh and prevent oil from being sucked into the mitti.

3. Love what you own. Use what you have. I inherited a bunch of vintage brass and metal objects – mostly puja objects which I cherish and enjoy displaying. I also use my heirlooms in everyday life. My advice is to keep things where it is convenient to use them. Place objects where you can see them and reach for them easily. Cherish what you already own and use them with elan. This will also ensure that you take care of your belongings. I sprinkle my home with brass diyas, create center pieces with earthen lanterns and large platters, snacks are served in large diyas and traditional brass plates. Basically we use what we have around and everything has significance and a story.

4. Make your collection the focal point of your home. Who says you can’t have collections if you’re a minimalist? If you’re passionate about stamps, by all means keep collecting. If you’re an avid traveller, you most likely have a collection of keepsakes. Just ensure you display it and use your favorite things so they don’t collect dust.

5. Use only your favorite things. Use your favorite things to ensure they are at their best. It might seem counter-intuitive to many, but using things is the fastest way to check if they need any repairs, if there’s a ding that needs to be mended, if the paint needs to be retouched. Fix these minor issues before we go on to the next steps. Go ahead and bring out your favorite china, that dining set that you’ve been saving for a special occasion. Savor everyday by doing something special – light that candle, spray your favorite perfume, wear your favorite shirt! Today is the special occasion, you are the special occasion.

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