5 Reasons to Shop your Closet!

In our previous article, "5 Steps to your Signature Style!", mnmlgrl explained how you can have a signature style without having to rely on a huge closet (or budget). In this article , guest author Uma talks about the reasons how shopping your closet can improve not just your finances but also the health of our planet.

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Here are 5 Reasons to Shop your Closet!

Shop your closet means to find new & innovative ways to wear what you already own in your wardrobe. Shopping your closet infuses a breath of fresh air and inspires creativity. It brings you out of a style rut and can even help you save money.

Your closet (choices) impacts your bank balance. Not indulging in fashion and investing in a good quality wardrobe will reduce your expenditure in the long run and enable you to make use of those savings for something more meaningful. Invest in a trip, in an experience, in an adventure, donate to your favorite charity or cause. Yolo, but make it meaningful.

Mnmlgrl tip: Fashion is not an investment. Research & invest in sound financial instruments such as mutual funds, postal saving schemes, health insurance.

Your closet impacts our planet. Did you know how many liter of water is required to manufacture your favorite pair of jeans? Or how much of fabric waste is being generated by the fashion industry every day? Or how long it takes for a sustainable fabric to decompose? I leave for you to do some scouring to figure out the numbers. But once you start understanding these numbers, you will be blown away at the amount of wastage that is generated in this industry. In such cases. Is it not logical to reduce and reuse, Where does our conscience lie with this regard? With all the campaigns, happening around the world to make the planet a greener place, you could do your bit to shop sustainable, ensure that it is long living and well used!

Mnmlgrl tip: Buy less fast fashion or go on a no buy. This will encourage you to work with what you already own and create interest in your existing wardrobe.

Your closet cannot make you confident. It is not how pricey or costly your attire is, it is eventually about how you wear it with confidence. That is not the only attitude which should change for good, what should in turn change is the notion that It is ok to repeat your clothes in front of people and carry it with swag and charm. I have often heard people say, “Oh I have already worn hat dress to a similar gathering once”. To them I say, “There is nothing wrong in that. Think about your clothing footprint and be conscious”.

Mnmlgrl tip: Don't build your confidence outside in. Build self confidence within & the joy & self assurance will reflect outside for the world to see.

Your closet can inspire others to try Minimalism. What do you want to leave behind? What is the difference between a person who repeats outfits and the ones who doesn’t? The people around you notice your choices, they understand your priorities. If you have kids, they look up to you and inculcate the habit of reduce and reuse right from childhood. You do not have to tell these to them in many words as they learn through their eyes. If they see their mom and dad frequently wearing same clothes, they will think that it is how it is meant to be. If they see their parents/surroundings flaunting a new dress every week or other day, they might simply think it is just the norm So think hard about what your surroundings is observing and what you are leaving as a legacy behind.

Mnmlgrl tip: A minimalist wardrobe doesn't mean not buying at all. It is an opportunity to make better choices and prioritize the use of what you truly enjoy wearing.

Your closet can inspire others to try a Capsule Wardrobe. Your wardrobe can be inspiring to the ones around you. Today there are a lot of challenges and hashtags that support you to reuse your wardrobe like the #project333, #capsulewardrobe #minimalwardrobe etc. use up these hashtags as your inspiration to put together fun outfit combos and spread your wear versions as an inspiration to others. You never know who is looking out to you to get inspired. This also helps you to put your wardrobe through maximum use and rotation and spark your creativity to tried outfits that you never thought were cool or in your comfort zone. Go ahead and try it out!

Mnmlgrl tip: Pair your capsule wardrobe with a few fun accessories & colors to get more out of your closet!

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