5 Steps to your Signature Style!

Want to to have iconic style & spend less? Want to dress faster & love your style? Read on!

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A closet full of clothes & nothing to wear – sound familiar? A few years ago, I was overwhelmed & under inspired every time I looked at my closet. I was overwhelmed with the sheer volume of clothes in my closet & under inspired by how nothing made me look or feel my best. My clothes would go ‘missing’ under a mountain of clean laundry shoved in the back of my closet. Invariably, I would wear the same clothes from the top of the pile – which got repetitive & boring quickly. Often, my clothes were wrinkled & unkempt & in general made me look a little shoddy.

To counter this trend, I would spend a sizeable chunk of money on buying clothes that were in vogue or appropriate for the season even if they never looked good on me. I also spent a lot of money on organizers – large boxes for sweaters, fancy no-show velvet hangers etc, etc, etc. That was my closet– lots of things, no organization & no sense of style – a giant mess!

It was this frustration that pushed me to get rid of most of my clothes & accessories. Seeing an (almost) empty closet was shocking & scary. This was also what inspired me to come up with my signature style.

Fashion is temporary. Style is forever. A lasting impression can't be found through fast-fashion. Fast fashion will get you noticed. Slow-fashion will make you unforgettable. Get out of the mindset that you need to follow trends. Trends are designed by the fashion industry to keep it going. To keep churning out clothes and for you to keep buying them! That's just commerce. Not all trends need to end up in your closet though. Know that you don't have to dress trendy or buy the latest fashion to look great.

Here is how you too can create your Signature look!

Here are the steps to your Signature Style.

1. Pin. Observe. Repeat. Create a board on Pinterest & pin your favorite outfits on it. Observe similarities in these pins – are they all similar colors, do you go for a specific style of clothing, are they all dressy or casual. This will give you a sense of what you enjoy in general & provide direction for you.

It is very clear from my pins that I prefer corporate casual – some form of corporate chic meets elegant fashionista haha! I like my style simple, elegant & timeless. I can appreciate Avant Garde, bohemian & eclectic styles on others but it’s not me. There is a distinction between liking a style & adopting it as your own. Know that difference.

2. Dress for your life, not for likes. This is the step you get to personalize your outfits to suit your lifestyle, needs, likes & dislikes. Pick your favorite colors, your favorite styles & adapt them to your lifestyle & the culture around you. What do you need to live your life fully? Are you a new mother? Do you work 2 jobs? Do you wear a uniform to work? Do you enjoy working out everyday? No matter what your lifestyle is, ensure that your clothes cater to it.

I love neutrals, hence 90% of my closet is black & white with a spattering of other colors. I work in a fairly formal environment which is reflected in my wardrobe via formal shirts & pants. These can easily be dressed down (if needed) for casual events & dates. I don’t have a very big special occasions wardrobe – just a few saris that I tend to wear every year with élan!

3. Dress to please yourself. Fuck societal standards. Fuck fashion trends. Wear what you love. Wear makes you feel like a million bucks in. Always.

I’m almost always in black or white. A few people hate it. Most people love it. I don’t give a fuck what any of them think (I love them regardless of their opinion of my clothes). I’m not dressing to please them. I don’t dress for my boyfriend. I don’t dress for my Mom. I’m dressing up for me. I like my clothes. I like how I look in them. I feel good in them. Granted I will feel good regardless of what I wear, but that’s what high self-worth looks like.

4. Less is the new black. I know everything will look great on you. I know you will feel great it anything. But choose less anyway. Pick the best quality your money can buy and buy no more until it falls apart.

I don’t workout, so I don’t buy workout clothes even if they’re cool or in & comfortable etc, etc. I do lounge a lot, so all my loungewear is super cute & comfy.

5. Repeat. Your. Outfits. This is likely the most important & the most underrated piece of style advice you will ever receive - You need to repeat your outfits as much as possible. Wear your favorite outfits over & over & over again until they become you. At first people will notice that you repeat outfits. Later, people will only notice your style. A single, simple outfit when repeated often enough stops being an outfit & evolves into a style.

Audrey Hepburn’s black dress, Anna Wintour’s collete necklaces, Steve Job’s turtlenecks, these are all examples of a signature style. My signature style is a black boat neck with black straight leg pants. I wear at least a few times a week with vintage gold accessories.

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