5 Things you Need to Know Before you Live in a Minimal Home

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1. Minimal homes are often mistaken for boring white boxes. They are anything but that! Minimal homes reflect the personalities & design aesthetic of their homeowners and come in many different styles! Traditional Japanese homes with floor seating & rice-paper sliding doors, older south-Indian homes with dark mango-wood furniture sprinkled with Tanjore art, bright & neutral Scandinavian homes that invoke hygge - they are all examples of the various avatars a minimal home can take. These homes can be colourful & cozy or stark & empty and take on the personalities of their owners. No matter the style, a minimal home is a space curated to maximize comfort, utility & to replenish a minimalist.

2. Minimal homes are more than sparse homes. There is a common misconception about minimalism, that it is sparse, spartan, boring, blanketed in white (or black). Unfortunately, these are precisely the images that pop up when you search #minimalist No wonder so many of us don’t even attempt minimalism because we’re not into utilitarian homes. Most of us want the comfort of our favorite things that aren’t always modular with clean lines or images that fit right into the definition of #scandichic or #minimalhomedecor…. .Minimalism is more than sparse homes. It is about making space for our most cherished things and removing all the clutter which is non-essential & unloved. Granted I don’t have strong feelings of love for each spoon in my kitchen but they are essential so I keep them. I don’t recommend the #konmarimethod of getting rid of things because some things simply will never #sparkjoy for us – shoehorns, cutlery, bed linens, towels, cleaning supplies…the list is specific & different for each of us……My suggestion is to go the middle ground – focus on your favorite things & build your life around them. Can’t let go of your child’s first handprint? Frame it & hang it up on your wall. Love your Grandma’s handknit blanket? Use it on your bed or as a throw on the couch……Whatever it is that you love, use it everyday, highlight it in your life. Let what is not important fall by the wayside & make room for your favorite things…..Don’t fall into the trap of making everything look Pinterest perfect. Your home, just like your life, is mean to be beautiful, not perfect.

3. A minimal home is very different from a home designed in minimalistic style though they may seem similar on the onset. The minimalist architecture & style stems from a love of modern, minimal furniture & art which tends to be sculptural, bold, sharp, utilitarian, graphic & stark. Minimalistic style is a design aesthetic which can be adopted by anyone in their homes. For instance, you might find large sculptural art or a gallery wall or a table full of stainless-steel globes for the sole purpose of grabbing your attention.

4. A minimalist’s home is a result of the minimalist’s lifestyle choices & is a natural extension of their life & priorities. The intention of a minimalist’s home is to rest, rejuvenate & every purchase (if any) is very deliberate. Like a delicately balanced meal – a minimal home will balance comfort & value with just enough style to create a space uniquely their own, leaving you feeling sated but not stuffed.

5. Minimal homes tend to be smaller than non-minimal homes. It is true that minimal homes tend to be smaller than homes owned by non-minimalists, however, minimal homes are designed to cater to every need of their homeowners in that small space. In general, minimalists don’t require sprawling homes with rooms dedicated for specific activities. This however can be influenced heavily by your culture, upbringing and even by what is available in the area you choose to live in. What the home lacks in space, it makes up in utility. For instance, if the homeowner enjoys playing boardgames, they will keep only their favorite ones, stored in such a way that they are highlighted & seamlessly become part of the home instead of hidden away from sight.

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