5 Tips to create Diwali Centerpieces to Wow your Guests this Diwali!

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Know your why. Knowing 'why' will tell you what the focus of the centerpiece will be and where it will be placed. Do you want to serve food there? Will it be where the fireworks are stored? Is it for decoration alone? Does the display have a spiritual significance? Vignettes can be placed traditionally in the centre of the dining table, or anywhere else like a large window ledge, the sideboard, a coffee table, a shelf on the wall, an ottoman, even by the door. The placement will change based on the purpose of the display.

Know what you like & stick to it. No matter why and where the display is, it is possible to stick to your favorites. Create your centerpiece featuring your favorite things. Do you have a Diya that you inherited from your family? Love the handcrafted murti you found during your travels? Whatever it is that you love, make them the focal point of your display. Stick to a color scheme – neutrals, brights, fresh or neon etc and continue this theme throughout your home.


Edit. Edit. Edit some more. This will ensure that you keep your vignette from looking cluttered. Try to keep a theme going and choose your tchotchkes carefully. Layer & stack your centerpiece like you would edit your outfit. Less is more! This rule is entirely subjective because everyone has a different vision of minimal...don't get stuck in someone else's vision! Also if you want to pull out all stops because its Diwali, go for it...there is no bigger reason to go over the top!

I prefer to keep things simple and follow the formula of 3.

Pick something tall. It can be a large decorative object or a tall utilitarian object. Tall brass multi-diyas, Puja-related sculptures, glass vases and candle stands are perfect because they can lend a festive sparkle to your home.

Pick a tray. A tray, thali, bowl, even a wooden chopping board etc can be perfect to corral a few similar objects while keeping the look clean and clutter-free. Not everything in the centerpiece has to be decorative – there can be an oddball item that has something to do with an interest of yours like cooking or photography Other things that could go on the tray are something sculptural, jars & small diyas, a small pot of fresh cut flowers or something green, perhaps even a colourful scarf stuffed into a glass orb etc.

Pick medium-sized object or a stack of books or a box: Not everything in a minimalists home is utilitarian…but this one is! Stack your favorite books or a decorative box with your favorite jewellery, a set of keys etc. Place something pretty on this stack. This will also create one visual element.

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Rules are made for breaking. I know. I know. I just told you the rule of 3 and now I'm telling you to break the rule! That is because I believe homes are a personal extension of your life. Only you get to decide what goes in & out of them. Only you get to dictate how your home should look. So while guidelines & rules can make it easier to put things together, they are by no means sacrosanct. Go ahead and put your own twist to what you see on the board. Go overboard. Play with color and texture. Throw away the rulebook and have fun! It doesn't have to be perfect...it has to be you! It may not be Pinterest worthy but that should never be your aim anyway. Go for what pleases your heart. The virtual world can go fuck itself!


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