A hermit and a minimalist walk into a bar...

You don’t have to be a hermit wrapped in a loin-cloth to be a minimalist. But there is a section of society that believes that you can’t call yourself a minimalist unless you give up all the trappings of a modern life. That means that I would need to live like a hermit wrapped in loin cloth to call myself a minimalist. I would throw a hissy fit if it made a difference haha!

A hermit cloistered in his mountain abode, dressed in rags, is one extreme of the minimalist spectrum...but the extreme that people understand because they have an image to go with the word minimal.

I’m one of the vast majority who practices minimalism squarely within the confines of my society and community. I have a job, live in a big city like Mumbai, travel by cars and buy food which invariably means I consume. I do not consume the same things or at the same rate as most of my contemporaries. But I do not live in a hole with rags to cover my body.

You can be a vital part of your community and still practice minimalism. Being aware of your consumption, asking yourself how to reduce your carbon footprint, being mindful of your purchases….these are all ways you are already thinking like a minimalist.

You do not have to sell every belonging, give up your job and live in the mountains to be a minimalist. Start where you. Just stop buying shit! Repeat after me – I have enough.

- mnmlgrl

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