Can Minimalism make me feel powerful?

Power. Knowing what is holding you back and letting it go is true power. Instead of recognizing this power of the self, we tend to mollify ourselves by consuming.

Knowing what is holding you back and letting go of it is true power. Part of the power comes being self-aware. The confidence that you know the basic motivations of your life and the decisions that you make toward living it fully it. The other factor that gives you strength is knowing that you can take meaningful actions that help you move in the direction you want your life to move.

Instead of recognizing this power of the self, we tend to mollify ourselves by consuming. We eat our feelings instead of facing them. We hold on to useless junk in our closets & homes instead of letting it go to those who might need it more. Don’t let things & stuff have power over your life. 

Endless romantic comedies begin or end with the heroine sobbing over a tub of ice-cream. While eating a tub of ice-cream is not bad in itself (not healthy, but not as bad as say cocaine), it provides a wrong signal to the brain that somehow the serotonin released after a sugar-rush is lasting happiness. Facing the situation for what is, journaling and talking with trusted loved ones is a much better outlet for your emotions. Ask yourself why you are holding on to that dress which is two sizes too small. Are you taking steps toward getting healthier? Do you have the same sense of style you did years ago? Do you even like that outfit or you just like how you felt in the dress all those years ago? Do you really need the brand new stainless steel flask or you merely buying it because you feel your old dented flask doesn't picture well on Instagram?

Take control of your own life. Claim back your power. You decide what stays and what goes. Do not allow the shirt you bought 7 years ago on sale which doesn’t look good decide when it is ready to leave. Recognize your power. Know you already have everything you need to live a fulfilled and joyful life. Allow things that weigh you down to leave your life. 

Donate. Give away. Declutter. Take back your power.

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