Can Minimalists have Fancy Jobs?

So apparently there are people out there who believe a minimalist should not have a job, much less a corporate job. Are you one of them? What according to you is a job appropriate for a minimalist? Nothing with a fancy title, I’m sure. Nothing that pays a lot of money, obviously. Right? Wrong!

Isn’t a job, another convenient way to categorize and label people? A fancy title or big paycheck gets you a certain amount of respect while a creative job that pays peanut gets you…well, gets you treated differently.

To most, a job is simply a means to an end. Granted a corporate job may not add value to their life, but perhaps it could? I firmly believe that only the person living their life can decide what that value is. A job might provide an outlet for their skills, a steady paycheck, a sense of normalcy or stability they lack in the rest of their life.

A minimalist is only simplifying their life. They are slowly (or quickly) getting rid of all that is excess, that which does not add value to their life. Their focus is squarely on that which improves their life – their relationships, fuels their passions, gives them a sense of peace and maybe even excitement.

Whatever the case might be, one thing is sure – minimalists come in many different packages and anyway labels are for clothes, not people.

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