Challenge: Delete unnecessary apps from your phone

An overlooked but necessary part of living intentionally in the digital age - deleting phone contacts you no longer need/want/contact.

In my previous article, I shared a challenge to delete unnecessary phone contacts.

I would like to follow up on that challenge and declare that I have deleted one app!. I deleted a food delivery app out bringing my current app tally to 9. The apps that have survived this round of phone-declutter have done so because they are absolutely essential for my job or life. I have 2 cab apps (because both are equally unreliable and I need to offset one with the other), I have Canva, Snapseed, Instagram (all required for my Instagram & blog), 2 communication related apps and one for entertainment.

If push comes to shove, I could do without any app except the cabs. But I enjoy what the other apps bring to my life. My apps provide utility or enjoyment, and sometimes both. Minimalism to me has never been about the bare minimum. Gosh, I could be a Yogi in the Himalayas and wearing a loin-cloth could be deemed unnecessary. There is no end to deleting things out of our lives, just like we can keep adding things to our lives. But, minimalism isn't practiced at the two extremes isn't it? We practice minimalism to streamline our lives, to make it simpler, less complicated, less stressful. So we add what adds beauty and joy and ease and remove only to make life more....aerodynamic, haha, to help us move through life more smoothly, with less bumps and obstacles.

Deleted any apps of your own? Did you need to? Or you're one of those who downloads apps temporarily until you need them again. What does your phone screen look like now? Here's what my screen looks like. It's an image a friend took from one of our travels. I prefer my phone backgrounds to be soothing and nature related or abstract & artistic.

If this is the first time you heard of phone declutter, please consider this as an invite to participate in the challenge. All you have to do is declutter any apps and contacts that you consider unnecessary. I heard of the challenges originally from and @deliberate_intention.

The value in participating in these challenges goes way beyond any time or monetary constraints so even if you are reading this after the time-limit on the challenge is lapsed, you can still reap the benefits of digitaldeclutter.

Hope you participate!

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