Challenge: Delete unnecessary contacts from your phone

An overlooked but necessary part of living intentionally in the digital age - deleting phone contacts you no longer need/want/contact.

I came across a post in my Instagram feed a few hours ago and was struck by its simplicity. The challenge posted by The Minimalist Life caught my attention because it is an area of my life that is often overlooked. While I'm mindful of keeping my digital possessions like the photo albums in my phone streamlined, my contacts are something that had gone unchecked since I started using smart phones.

Earlier when I had a regular phone, I had a limited number of contacts that I could store in my phone and so contacts got weeded out easily and often. Now to avoid adding 2000+ contacts in a new smartphone, I store my contacts on Google contacts. The obvious advantage is that my contacts are available anywhere and on any smart device irrespective of the service provider and I do not have to go to the store to upload or transfer my contacts.

The disadvantage is that my contacts went from a modest 80-100 to several thousand. I don't remember meeting many of these contacts. Most of these contacts were also never contacted after saving their number the first time.

Numbers were saved out of politeness or as standard-operating-procedure of modern life while sharing pleasantries with newly introduced people.

This challenge is perfect for newbies and those who want quick results to encourage you on your way to making minimalism a bigger part of your life. Here are the details to participate in the challenge:

Number of contacts to be decluttered is left open-ended.

Report back with some kind of post to your Insta-feed (before & after of the number works but flexible with whatever works for you). I got into the zone and forgot to take screenshots or record the number of contacts I had before I started deleting them. So I might just guestimate the number of contacts I deleted and post it on my feed. :P

Use hashtag intentionalminimalist so post can be easily found

Tag both and @deliberate_intention in your post.

You must be following both of us to be eligible for the charity donation giveaway

Let me know in the comments how it goes and what challenges you overcame and how. Good luck!

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