DIYs & Low Waste Lifestyle (Bonus Haircare recipe!)

DIYs (Do It Yourself) haircare and skincare products are any aspiring low-waste nerd's answer to healthy skin and hair.

Advantages of DIY products:

DIY products are healthier because they do not have any artificial additives, colors, fragrances, preservatives that are present in store bought products.

DIYs are cheaper to make over the course of time - save them pennies!

DIYs can be tailored to suit your needs

DIYs eliminate waste because you make as much or as little as you need

DIYs eliminate the use of single use plastic over time such as shampoo bottles, tubs of hair mask, body lotion jars, serum vials etc

DIYs are also fun if you enjoy DIYs - otherwise you can simply DM me for some of my popular spa recipes.

On an Instagram poll, a majority of you said you would love learning how I make my own spa products. Few of you even shared that you would prefer buying it from me instead of making it because you are strapped for time or do not have access to all the ingredients, which is understandable. If you need any of the below spa beauty products made and shipped to you, please email me at or simply DM on my Insta page @mnmlgrlblog.

The Luster Hair Treatment is a moisturing oil designed for my dry, damaged and over processed hair. My hair was bleached and colored several times and I used to blow dry and straighten my hair daily. My hair was so parched! No matter how many times I applied any hair masks, it never made any difference...until I tried this oil.

The inspiration for this hair treatment was an elderly relative who spoke to me about her hair care routine. She mentioned how she used to make her own herbal oil for deep conditioning her hair. Seeing how thick and shiny her hair was, I simply had to try it out myself. I chose the following ingredients because they were suggested by her, they were readily available anywhere in India, they were cheap and I know how they impact my hair health. Feel free to swap any ingredient for the ones which you prefer.

Below is the FREE recipe card for the DIY Spa Hair Oil for Shiny Hair. Simply printout the free recipe card and follow directions! It's so simple & easy to make that you will wonder why you bought expensive hair treatments!

Ingredients and suitable alternatives:

I chose Parachute coconut oil because coconut oil is rich in protein and is deeply nourishing. It makes a great carrier oil for all the herbs which we intend to extract into it. (Alternative: jojoba oil or almond oil.)

The herbs mentioned in the recipe also provide different values.

Bhringraj is a natural conditioning agent.

Shikakai is useful for scalp health (Optional. I have found it keeps my scalp healthy).

Neem acts as an antibacterial powder which is widely used to cure, or control dandruff, therefore promoting a healthy scalp (You can skip this if you do not have dandruff issues).

Amla has conditioning, strengthening, nourishing properties and is known to keep grey hairs at bay.

Brahmi is a powerful antioxidant known to strengthen hair shaft and root.

Mustard seeds deeply nourish the hair shaft with protein for high shine.

Hibiscus flowers produce a protein that coats hair making it glossy.

Henna encourages hair shaft to smoothen down due to its pH balancing properties (Avoid henna if you have concerns of it darkening your hair.)

Indian peppercorns and cloves improve microcirculation (Add fewer peppercorns and cloves if you are sensitive. You may also skip it altogether).

Castor oil is very viscous and thick, making it suitable for deep conditioning treatments.

Honey is a known humectant and is known to soften and nourish hair.

I add a bit of castor oil and honey right before massaging the hair oil into scalp and hair but I've had similar results with adding them into cooled hair oil.

Allow the herbal mixture to settle and store the oil in a glass jar (or recycled plastic bottle) in a cool dry place. The oil will have a herbal smell and appear brown even after the herbal sediment is removed which is normal.

Note: The oil is made from natural Indian herbs used safely in Indian hair care for eons. However, you may perform a patch test by applying a bit of the oil behind your ear. If no reaction occurs within 24 hours, use weekly for best results.

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