Do minimalists shop?

There are so many misconceptions floating around about minimalists. This article tackles an important topic of shopping. Do minimalists shop or do they just make do? Are they perpetually on a shopping ban?

Yesterday at dinner a friend commented that they could never live as a minimalist because they love shopping. It’s a common misconception that minimalists don’t buy things at all or can’t have nice things as a minimalist. It doesn't help that my friends enjoy buying clothes and enjoy watching them buy clothes. The last piece of clothing that entered my home in the past 24 months was a dress that my boyfriend bought for me. But that doesn't mean I don't buy other things. I do not have to buy the same things or buy on a whim.

I'm very deliberate about every purchase. Personally, I enjoy shopping, but the buying process is very different. I ask myself – how long will it last, do I see myself use this product for long, was it made ethically and locally, is it sustainable, is it tested on animals. I also prefer buying experiences instead of things. Few days ago we went to the grocery store for ingredients to fix an ice-cream sundae which was promptly had the same evening (lol!). I've spent evenings over a cup of warm tea or a tall glass of milkshake at my favorite cafe. I treat myself to a lot of spa massages and spa treatments. They're so relaxing and leave me feeling rejuvenated. I enjoy perfumes but get gifted most of it so that's one expense I don't. Plus as long as it is a fruity, happy or beachy perfume I'm game which makes gifting a breeze for me. By far the most expensive things I buy are quality ingredients for my soaps and bath salts etc - essential oils that cost thousands per ounce, softening salts, dried flowers and fruit, natural colorants and clays and some clients insist on glitter or fragrance in their soap.

Either way, consumerism and minimalism are not contrary to each other. Minimalists simply tend to be more deliberate about their consumption.

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