Fast Fashion

You can’t make a lasting impression using fast fashion. My sister hates that I don’t buy clothes, especially clothes to celebrate special occasions such as birthdays. I get where she’s coming from. She wants me to express the joy that I feel inside, by wearing pretty (& new) clothes on the outside.

It’s a common sentiment – we buy new things to mark occasions – clothes on birthdays, gifts for anniversaries, food on social occasions. But I’m one of a growing minority who tries to express joy using means other than material objects. I ensure that even if my clothes may not be new – they are of impeccable quality, make me look polished and put-together. I have a typical look that is unmistakable & memorable. A lasting impression can’t be found through fast-fashion. Fast-fashion will only get you noticed. Slow-fashion (or classics) will make you unforgettable.

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