Guide: Minimizing Closets

Have a closet full of clothes but nothing to wear? You might need to minimize your closet. Follow the closet minimizer guide to a leaner and more stylish wardrobe.

Congratulations, you have decided you want to look your best and reduce the time taken to dress each day. I can help you with that. You can go slow & steady, assessing a few items every week or attack & show no mercy, getting rid of all or most things you don't need in a day or two. Scroll down for two simple methods to clean out your closets.

There is no right or wrong way to minimize your closet. Your closet. Your life. You decide. The following are simply guidelines. - mnmlgrl

The slow & steady (SS) minimizer method

Best if you:

  • prefer gradual changes

  • need time to let go of certain items in your closet

  • have a fairly large amount of items in your closet

  • are unsure of what to keep & throw

  • want to organize your entire closet

How to:

  1. Create an inventory of all that you have in your closet - bring everything out or write it down.

  2. Write down the activities you need your clothes for. Be honest. Plan for the life you live right now, not the one you aspire for.If you spend more time on the couch than at the gym then hang on to your comfy sweatshirts instead of the gym shorts.

  3. Sort your clothes according to these activities starting with your most favorite

  4. Try on this pile of clothes.

  5. Keep only those items that look best on you, make you feel like a million bucks or are essential for your lifestyle.

  6. Organize this pile in your closet/storage solution/suitcase etc according to color/season etc.

  7. Box up stuff you are unsure of. At the end of every week, keep only those items that you remove and wear. Do this for 4 weeks. Get rid of what is leftover.

  8. For items with meaning/gifts/emotional attachment - Photograph the item and/or yourself in it and let it go. Hang on to the memory instead.

Repeat process at least once every year.

The quick & dirty (QD) minimizer method

Best if you:

  • are moving

  • are organized or have a fairly curated closet

  • want to see quick results

  • know (more or less) what you want to keep & throw

  • want to organize only part of your closet

  • want to create a capsule wardrobe for travel/work/fitness/dates etc

How to:

  1. Create a pile of all the clothing, shoes & accessories that you need & want in your closet. (These will most likely be your favorite pieces from the closet.)

  2. Create another pile of stuff that you will donate or sell

  3. Organize your keep pile in closet/wardrobe/storage solution/suitcase

Repeat process every few months or as needed.

Personally, I followed a blend of the two methods to streamline my wardrobe. I did the QD method for occassional wear - fancy outfits, traditional outfits, gym-wear, gifts & other items. I followed the SS minimizer method for work outfits, lounging clothes & travel clothing.

Let me know how these tips help you on your way to creating a curate closet!

After you've decided what to hold on to and what to let go, it is important to know how to ethically remove these items from your closet.

We will talk about getting rid of clothing ethically in this article.

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