Investment piece - what is it really?

What comes to your mind when you hear the words "Investment piece"? A beautiful jacket? A pair of shoes? A piece of jewelry? Are any of these truly an investment?

I can't tell you how often I've heard this been said. My friend will buy a beautiful pair of shoes and call it an investment. A colleague spent a bomb on an expensive piece of luggage and called it an investment. My family is Indian so you know what that means right?....they increase in good jewelry every year and have been given the 'sage' advice to invest in jewelry as a financial tool since I've started earning. 

But buying fashion (fast/ slow fashion or even haute couture) or jewelry is not a sound financial Investment unless it appreciates in value over time, does not depreciate with changing seasons, has a market ready to purchase your 'investment' at a premium. Sure, a Louis Vuitton luggage, a Berkin handbag, a Cartier tank watch could be an investment piece but the market size of clients willing to buy a second hand piece is small and it is hyper-competitive. Plus you should also be willing to sell it at the right time. 

Just mention to your family that you want to sell your gold jewelry and their reaction will tell you exactly why it's not a good investment. As an Indian girl, I know just how much pressure there is to buy and keep gold - Streedhan (woman's wealth) which should not be touched until you're in dire straits. Anytime you want to liquidate your gold investment, there is a lot of anxiety, drama (what has gone wrong for you to go to this drastic step?) & subconscious programming that you might have to get over. Some cultures (mine) it is even considered a bad omen to sell gold...seriously? It was traded for ghee at one point of time but now I can't even buy a mutual fund for it? If you're too emotional about the product you will never even consider selling it even if you know that gold does not appreciate as much as it used to. My suggestion is to buy gold ETFs instead. They are safer since they're in paper format, don't take space and you won't lose money on making charges lol. Your family will be satisfied that you bought gold and you'll be happy that you can sell it anytime you want without the emotional hassle. 

Living minimally allows you to streamline & control the money that goes out of your account. You will find more money left over every month after not having spent it on fashion to invest in real financial investments such as mutual funds, bonds, stock, real estate or even yourself and your family. Be mindful of what you 'invest' in... Not all investments are equal. 

Anyway enough of my musings about investing in fashion. What do you invest in our don't invest in anymore? Comment below!

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