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We are technology-driven consumers who buy & update electronic devices often. But we don't always know what to do with our old or unused gadgets - sometimes they gather dust or they end up in the bin. This article will guide you on how to dispose your old, outdated technology and maybe even earn some money.

What is E-waste?

E-Waste or electronic waste is generated from discarded electronic devices such as mobile phones, televisions, laptops, computers & computer parts & accessories, mobile devices & their accessories, tablets, music devices, scanners, shredders, copiers, printers, refrigerators, electronic toothbrushes, charging cords, plug points & charging stations, remote controls, air conditioners, air purifiers, electric water filters, mixer & grinders, cameras, televisions, camcorders, recording devices, speakers, CD/DVD players, washing machines, washer & dryers, electric ovens, microwave ovens, toasters, vacuum cleaners, curling irons, hair straighteners, hair dryers, various battery operated appliances etc.

Why is E-waste a problem? We generated almost 45 MILLION TONNES of E-waste in 2017 alone, that amount is equal to 4,500 Eiffel towers put together! These discarded electronics contain hazardous chemicals such as lead & mercury which contaminate the ground, water and air if not disposed properly, they may give off gases if burnt in regular garbage and kill and harm the aquatic & farm animals. These harmful chemicals eventually find their way to us through the food & water because meat, dairy, plants all get contaminated with these chemicals. -mnmlgrl

Recycling E-waste is the simplest low-impact change you can make in your life.

Why should I repair or recycle my E-waste?

1. Repairing older electronics is cheaper than buying a brand new upgrade. Save your money!

2. Repairing older electronics & donating ensures you are giving access to technology which they otherwise wouldn't have.

3. Repairing & reusing electronics ensures you are keeping them out of landfill longer

4. Repairing or recycling electronics prevents environmental pollution.

5. Bits & bops of electronics can be used for creative projects or as part of different electronics (if you know how to handle these chemicals and electronics professionally).

6. Recycling electronics requires less energy than making one from scratch.

7. Recycled electronics are often stripped off of their parts - wires, different components & materials etc which helps shorten the manufacturing process from extraction of material to final product transportation thereby reducing pollution and saving energy!

8. Recycling creates jobs for professional recyclers and dismantlers - many residents of Dharavi, Mumbai are professional electronic dismantlers & recyclers and depend on it for their livelihood.

How do I reduce my E-waste?

You're worried about your impact on our planet, here's how you can start:

1. Reduce consumption of electronic devices. You don't need the fancy gadget to remind you to do your groceries. Write that shit down in your phone's Google-calendar

2. Repair, reuse or give away to someone who will use it. Donate to charitable organizations.

3. Finally recycle your electronic product.

Recycling options for lazy people:

If you're too lazy, give the electronics to your bai and she will sell them off for you - it can be part of her bonus.

Call your local kabadiwala and he will gladly buy them off from you for a steel cup or two.

Some big corporate offices may a recycling bin for your electronics, ask around.

List of resources for recycling E-waste in India:

1. Croma: Croma plants a tree every time you deposit E-waste in the Croma store.


Store drop off.

Call 72076660000 to schedule a doorstep pick up of your electronic junk.

Visit for more info.

2. Vijay Sales: They accept electronic devices that are not opened or dismantled by the customer.


Drop off at authorized e-waste recycler only.

Call their toll free number 1800-210-9980 to schedule an e-waste pickup/collection. Visit for more info.

3. Samsung: Samsung has the STAR (Samsung Take back And Recycling) program through which they recycle e-waste using two ways.


Drop off mobile & camera related e-waste in drop boxes in all major Samsung locations and collection facilities.

Call (toll free) at 1800-407-267864 to schedule a pick-up for large products such as televisions, refrigerators and washing machines etc.

Email for more information.

4. Lenovo:


Drop off at Lenova locations around India.

Call their tol free number 1800-425-7770 from Monday to Friday between 10am to 5.30pm to schedule a pick up.

Email for more information and to request a product submission form.

To initiate free battery recycling for used Lenovo notebook batteries email

For businesses who want to recycle, contact local Lenovo Sales representative or visit

5. Panasonic: Products given for recycling are not eligible for exchange offers but could be serviced under ‘I Recycle Program’ under various terms & conditions.


Drop off your e-waste to a nearest collection point

Call their toll free number at 1800-103-1333.

Visit for more info.

6. Dell: Dell recycles Dell & non-Dell e-waste for free.

Visit for more information.

7. Fujitsu:

Visit for more information.

8. Motorola:


Businesses can email for recycling their e-waste.

Small products such as radios, mobile phones, batteries etc can be dropped off at ‘TakeBack’ bins at the following addresses:

New Delhi: Technocare E-26 1st Floor, Lajpat NGR PART-2, Central Mkt Opp State Bank of India, New Delhi-110024

Mumbai: Prodcon Tech Services Pvt. Ltd 3 Radhika Apt, Opp Vishal Hall, Andheri Kurla Road, Andheri (E) Mumbai-400069

Kolkata: WIRELESS COMMUNICATION 55, Malik Tala Main Road, Kolkata-54 (Opposite Bagamari Loknath Mandir)

Bangalore: Sai Srinivasa Technologies 105/282,19th Main, 1st block Rajajinagar, Near Rajajinagar 1st block circle, Opp to Diacon Hospital, Bangalore-560010

9. Amazon: Amazon has authorized Li Tong (dba Re-Teck) for collection of e-waste from consumers and for further disposal of such e-waste as per the E-Waste Rules.

Amazon is in the process of creating a pre-paid program for customers to be able to send their devices to Re-Teck using a mailing label or through a drop off location. While this is under development, customers can still ship their devices to Re-Teck's local India facility.

Re-Teck address: Plot no -4A, Near Navadha Railway Station, MIDC, Taluk- Panvel, Dist Raigad, 410208, Maharashtra, India.

Visit for more information.

10. Phillips:


Call for Televisions : 1800 102 2929

For Mobile Phones : 1800 102 2929

For Monitors : 1800 425 6396

Visit: for more information.

11. MI: Mi will recycle all your electronic devices irrespective of their brand. A discount coupon worth ₹100 for every pickup request will be added to your registered Mi account once your phone(s) is successfully picked up. Coupon will be applicable on minimum purchase value of ₹ 1000 only on accessories. Please note that coupons will only be given to customers who provide complete phone units only, not spare parts or other products. Customers will get coupons within 14 days of the pickup date. FREE MONEY!


You need to log into your Mi account and submit a form through their website. Their authorized e-waste recyclers will contact you to pick up the waste from your location.

Drop off at Mi service centres.

Visit for more information.

Email Mi authorized e-waste recycler at

12. IBM:


Call toll free 1800-425-35287

Email for details.

Visit or for more information.

13. Asus:


Call the toll free number 1800-209-0365 with details of the product from Monday to Saturday between 9am to 6pm (closed on national holidays).

Email with your name, address, contact information, email, address with pin code, product name, model number, purchase date if any.

Drop off the electronic product at any Asus collection point across India. You can find the list of collection points at

These are all the places I could find legit information on. If you are or know of any organization which is involved in electronic recycling please let me know and I will add the information to the list.

Hope you find this article helpful. Comment below how your E-waste recycling is going.

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