5 Unresolutionary Resolutions for 2019

If you're a perfectionist or a procrastinator or just want to dip your feet in the resolutions pool - this article is for you.

I have never made or cared about new year's resolutions. I have 5 resolutions this year. These goals are essential to our lives and hence are kept intentionally simple & slightly vague. Read on to find how you can incorporate these goals in your lives, no matter which month of the year you are in!

I'm a perfectionist and a procrastinator, a deadlier combination does not exist. If I add specifics like - write a page a day & don't follow through, the deviation from perfection will make me procrastinate, a spiral which is nearly impossible to get out. I understand the concept of SMART goals, I apply it at work. However, in my personal life, I like to keep my goals vague & open-ended so that I can course-correct as needed. Is it just me or do you also prefer goals which are flexible with method and process? I sure do love it!

Take better care of your health.

I've been experiencing tiny aches & pains lately, especially around my back, shoulder and eyes. One of the influencing factors is my sedentary lifestyle and increased weight. I want to slowly bring my body back to its optimal state with gentle yoga stretches, eye exercises & walks.

Exercise gives you endorphins, endorphins make you happy - fitness guru, Elle Woods.

The intent is to nourish and strengthen the body, inside and out. A healthy body houses a healthy mind with positive body image laced with self confidence - a perk in today's social media altered reality. You can find your path to get to this goal. If you like dancing, dance for a couple of hours a week. If you rediscovered a hidden hillock and want to trek it every week - go for it! Whatever gets your body moving is good. Aim for 3 to 5 hours of cumulative 'workout' time. Do what you like and you'll stick to it longer.

Enjoy solitude.

Not having anything to do all day makes me anxious. However, when I do have a free day, I vegetate - spending hours watching television or lazying around aimlessly. I want to use my time purposefully in pursuits that relax me, such as meditation and reading fiction.

Solitude is a soul's holiday - anonymous

It is nearly impossible to find anyone who is not hooked to their phone or on some form of social media. If we're not on social media - we're around people. True solitude, the kind that let's you decompress, think clearly, resets your life and thoughts is extremely rare. Practice quite time. Talk a nature walk. Give yourself a spa pedicure. Solve some Sudoku. Knit. Try painting. Go to a cafe by yourself. Do what your heart tells you. You are not expected to practice a hobby, its simply a suggestion to get you comfortable with alone time.

Work on your dreams.I have two secret projects that have not seen the light of day for some time. Again its time to bid my perfectionist-procrastinator personality goodbye and give it a shot. Make today the day you start working on your dream. Want to publish a book - write a page, or write a paragraph or record your narration as you think of your characters. Want to buy a home - make a budget, start a savings account, learn about smart investing, stop buying shit.

Whatever your dream - do not wait. Start now. Start small. Keep at it. One year later you will be ahead of where you are today.

Live in harmony with nature.Spend time in nature - it will refresh your eyes zombied by screens, your lungs will thank you for the pure oxygen, you will truly relax (especially if you go somewhere without cell service). Constant notifications are proven to distract and heighten stress, so having no cell-phone service will help you reset your brain & enjoy your surroundings.

Reduce, Reuse and Recycle whenever possible.

Buy zero-waste products or buy from sustainable businesses. If you can't do either, then buy local - go to your local grocer & your sabziwala for fresh produce. Start a conversation with your darzi - get him to try his hand at creating silhouettes that flatter you. Buy DIY items from your building aunty - it will encourage her (& might get her off your back for not being married/not having babies). Try alternatives to going to the mall for everything - its boring & mundane.

Live with less.If you're reading this on a laptop or smartphone, you are part of the majority - a population that has an excess of a few things. I too have stuff I don't need. I have furniture I don't enjoy or use anymore - so I'm going to sell it. I also have debt which I intend to cut in half by the end of this year.

Identify what you can't live without, try to get rid of the rest. You will likely spend the rest of your life trying to get rid of what you spent a lot of money on. What will make it worth it is the feeling of freedom from using only what you absolutely love and value. Imagine yourself walking into your home with only your favorite things in it, closet full of favorite clothes, favorite furniture, favorite people. It is not easy. It is worth it. Start small & keep going.

Good luck!

- mnmlgrl

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