What is a Wear Count & Why You should try it.

I tracked what I wore for an entire month and you should too! This exercise will help you if you're bored of your wardrobe, if you don't want to repeat outfits anymore or simply want a fresh perspective on your existing closet.

Wear counts is where you log every item of clothing and accessories everyday to help you make the most of your existing closet and pinpoint what might enhance it. - mnmlgrl

Wear counts help :

  1. Learn what percentage of your wardrobe actually gets used.

  2. Understand the value of classic pieces and inherently versatile pieces of clothing .

  3. Create a repository of go-to outfits and favorite pieces to fall back on when you're tired or bored or uninspired.

  4. Build exciting and interesting outfit options from a small wardrobe.

  5. Cultivate the discipline of laying out outfits the night before - this also ensures that the outfit is more put-together.

  6. Be mindful of overusing favorite colors, new clothes, favorite outfits (at the expense of a large section of our wardrobe)- something each of us is guilty of.

  7. Shop your Closet. Especially true when you have a neat, organized closet.

  8. Give insight on what items you should hang on to because you like them, they look great on you or are comfortable. Similarly, they also throw light on what you should give up because if you don't reach out to them at all, its quite likely they don't make you look good or you don't feel happy in them.

  9. Create capsule wardrobes around key pieces or certain color families. I have capsule wardrobes in basic black & white with a few pastels -blush, peach, pink, navys or emeralds. Whenever I have a yellow or orange or red it throws the balance off, so I tend not to buy much of it.

  10. Develop your sense of style - I prefer classic outfits in neutral colors with few colors & fun cuts thrown in there for social occasions.

Note: I chose not to log clothes which I wore for festivals like Navratri & Diwali, whether at office or at work. You can track everything or just your work outfits or casual outfits...it's up to you. October and November were good months to start logging my outfits because there were fewer days to track for work and casual social events.

Alright, so here is my wear count for November.


I wore only 37 items from my wardrobe for the entire month, that includes clothes, footwear and accessories! I didn't feel like I was repeating myself a lot but did rediscover the joys of some items which were overlooked in the past.


The most versatile (hence, most worn) clothing item are my black straight-legging trousers. I pair the trousers with camisole tops for going out, wear them with a shirt to work, I have worn them to formal dinners and movie theaters. I bet I can do more with them if I thin outside the box. I combined 4 pairs of pants (14 times) with 12 tops, interchanging and repeating quite a few.


Accessories like my black Ray Ban Aviators and grey Bata tote bag saw the most use - racking up to an impressive 15 uses. I also learnt that watches are my go-to accessory (second to sunglasses) with my favorite being the sentimental, heirloom Titan watches. I have quite a few classic accessories - timeless gold watches, pearl stud earrings, pumps in traditional colors.


My favorite colors - white & black represented heavily in my wear count both in my clothing and accessories. Surprisingly, I wore my second favorite color - blush or pastel pink only a few times. Few other colors are represented in my closet - most of them are still neutralish. They are rare and I don't feel the need to make my wardrobe very colorful. I do have some very colorful Indian outfits but they were not tracked in this wear count.


Well-loved items were also well-worn, most of them being over 2 years old and some even being over 5 years old. The newer items were not worn as often which was a surprise to me.

Overall the wear count made dressing up fun and encouraged me to mix things up. Try it and let me know how it goes!

This is not a brand-sponsored post, hence all brand names have been hidden on purpose.


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