Why am I unable to Declutter?

Understand the 2 main reasons that stop you from decluttering and living a more beautiful life.

If decluttering is really so good for me, then why does decluttering have to be so tough?

While it seems like there are many issues why you might be unable to declutter and deown. However, there are only two reasons you are unable to part with the items in your closet - you think you need the item sometime in the future or you are emotionally attached to it.

  • You think you need it:The 90's might make a comeback, you might finally go trekking, you might be invited to a fancy gala, you might want to wear the scratchy Halloween costume from 3 years ago, you are hoping to lose weight to fit into that dress. I could go on. Let's get real. The chances of you ever needing the completely replaceable item you are holding on to are slim. When the need actually shows up, you will find the item at most stores easily. If you are unsure about a few or a lot of items, you can box them up or put them all in a bag. Remove only those items you need for the next month - everything else in that box is stuff you don't need.

You are emotionally attached to it: This list could be endless, the dress you inherited from your grandma, the shirt you wore to the first day at work, the earrings that were a gift from your boyfriend etc. I tend to take longer with this stash of clothing because they are generally irreplaceable, because of emotional reasons, sometimes because the items have inherent value in them if they're vintage. Personally, I make a day out of it, get a friend to take pictures of all these items and sometimes of me wearing it and we go for a nice meal or coffee and chat about the outfit and the person who gave it to me. It's a lovely way of remembering the memory and easier to let it go to someone who might need it more, use it more, love it more than I do. Sometimes I box things up until I'm ready to let go and that's okay.

I'm okay holding on to things a bit longer if time is all it takes to be sure. I learnt the hard way that it is easier to live with things than the guilt of getting rid of an irreplaceable heirloom.


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